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Conture brand is imagined and created by carefully considering how product design affects its immediate surroundings. Indication of impression, message, and atmosphere are communicated with streamlined minimalistic contours that our furniture embodies.

In line with our vision, the furnitures’ design simultaneously conveys boundlessness and simplicity, creating a lasting impression of harmony and elegance without sacrificing comfort or coziness.



Being the first collection of the Conture brand, Qubiq loudly celebrates open spaces. Stepping out of the enclosed spaces, it allows one to make nature their room, and the endless sky their canopy. Qubiq seamlessly fits into the Mediterranean ambience with its minimalistic design and calming tones, creating a space where people harmoniously connect with nature that surrounds them.

The lines’ armchairs, sofas, loungers, and ottomans are modular and adapt easily to every need. Aluminium frames and waterproof fabrics are resistant to the effects of sun, wind, and sea. Designed with a user-centric approach, this modern collection further opens up our homes and spaces, infusing our lives with the sun’s warmth, the fragrant essence of idyllic valleys, and the freshness of mountain peaks.




Sofa Lounge



Table Small



Chillero lounger is the epitome of comfort for your outdoor oasis. With its elegant design and ergonomic focus, it provides the perfect place to rest and relax. It complements various exteriors excellently while offering support and minimizing discomfort. From dynamic patterned lines to subtle monochrome elegance, Chillero incorporates style and well-being to create your ideal personal retreat.

The Chillero lounger is available in various materials, patterns and colors.

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